The Top 5 RC Cars For 2013

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Man And Girl Playing With RC CarYou know you can’t suppress the kid in you when you get your hands on an RC car. Who can resist the minified speed-machines tearing around their driveway? What adult out there doesn’t enjoy a serene moment of child-like entertainment when they bump and bounce their RC car around the backyard-turned-obstacle course?

Radio-controlled cars can be lots of fun for people of all ages, but there are many different design types available and they each have their own unique features. If you happen to be in the process of shopping for an RC car, you’ll want to make sure you get the right one fit for your needs! Here are five RC cars that consistently receive top reviews across the web.

#5 – Tonka Ricochet Replay

The Ricochet Replay’s name comes from its replay feature, which allows stunts to be recorded and replayed. It may have come in at #5 in reviews, but the Tonka is still an outstanding item. For starters, it’s quick, rugged, and versatile, so it works just fine on any type of terrain. It’s also reversible. In terms of range, the Tonka is responsive up to a distance of 50 yards (150 feet), which is pretty respectable (TopTenReviews).

#4 – Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

The Terrain Twister is designed for water and snow travel, so instead of having wheels, it’s equipped with corkscrew-shaped pontoons that make it very versatile. The Terrain Twister does best on rough terrain or water, where its unique pontoons and waterproof construction make it ideal. In terms of the Terrain Twister’s biggest cons, reviewers cite the poor handling on normal flat surfaces (TopTenReviews).

#3 – Enzo Ferrari

The Enzo Ferrari is another highly innovative RC car. Instead of using batteries for the remote, it’s controlled via Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (the app for this is free). The Enzo Ferrari is very fast and controllable, and the construction is top quality. It also looks just like a real Ferrari! The biggest con cited by reviewers for this product is the limited battery life of only 10 minutes (TopTenReviews).

#2 – Slash 2WD

The Slash 2WD is relatively expensive, at $274.95, but you get what you pay for. According to reviewers, the construction quality on this car is superb and it’s very durable. It may not be the fastest RC car out there, but it controls well even on rough terrain. To top it off, the Slash 2WD is waterproof and highly customizable (TopTenReviews).

#1 – Rustler XL-5

This car receives the highest reviews because it excels in so many different ways. Although relatively expensive, at $229.68, the Rustler XL-5 is extremely fast, reaching speeds of up to 30 mph. On top of that, it’s also very tough and versatile, so it’s great for off-road use. Last, but not least, the range on the Rustler XL-5 is outstanding; it’s responsive up to a distance of 500 feet (TopTenReviews).

The options out there go well beyond these top five, but while you continue on in your RC car shopping trip to discover just the right balance between price, speed, battery life and ruggedness, this should give you a firm foundation to start from.

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